Put it in your diary!

6th-10th September 2017

Shetland Bible Week 2017 is on it’s way, only 6 months to go! And as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, there will be a number of new and exciting things to let you all know about. More about all that later though.

goldmsith head1First and foremost I’d like to let you know about our speaker for this year: Martin Goldsmith. Martin is an international speaker, teacher and missiologist who has served as a missionary overseas as well as in a training capacity through his work at All Nations Christian College. Martin has spoken at Shetland Bible Week before (Back in 2010) and many of us can probably still remember his engaging talks and distinctly Jewish perspective on the Gospel of Matthew. We are very excited about having him with us this year and are looking forward to everything that Martin, and his wife Elizabeth, are going to share with us.

Martin Goldsmith has written a number of books, focusing mostly on his speciality of World Mission. Why not get one step ahead and give one a read before he comes. A list can be found here and they can also be ordered from the Christian bookshop in Lerwick.

For more information on Martin and his wife’s current work, you can read more at his own website and blog at