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To celebrate 25 years of Shetland Bible Week we are Planning a whole day of events on the Saturday of Bible week. There will be a selection of seminars in the morning, followed by a fellowship lunch and rounded off by our usual evening talk (perhaps with a more celebratory feel!). All this will be happening at Lerwick Baptist Church, Quoys Rd, rather than our usual venue at the Methodist Church. Make sure you don’t miss it! Here’s more information about the seminars:


Starting at 10:30am, our seminars are an opportunity to explore a variety of topics relating to God’s word and how it shapes our lives and changes the world. There are three seminars happening at the same time so choose wisely:

Seminar #1 ‘Lessons from the Church overseas’
with Elizabeth Goldsmith

Looking out from our struggling British churches, it is a great encouragement to see God at work in other countries. And, in the midst of changing cultures and increasing diversity, there are vital lessons we can learn from them too. Using wisdom gained from a lifetime of overseas experience, Elizabeth Goldsmith will share with us her own personal stories of seeing the Gospel message adapted for other cultures and explore ways in which British churches can learn to move forward in a changing world.

Seminar #2 What about other faiths?
With Martin Goldsmith

What is unique about the good news of Jesus in a culture where every religion is equal and valid? Is it important or even permissible in today’s society to evangelise to Jews, Muslims and other faiths? Or is evangelism a weapon of religious intolerance? Martin Goldsmith will lead us through these tricky areas, exploring how the Church can shine the light of jesus into today’s world

Seminar #3 Luther and his Bible
With Phil Laver

It has been 500 years since Martin Luther propelled himself into the centre of a Church controversy which sparked the formation of the Protestant movement, and changed the shape of Christianity forever. Luther’s radical approach to the Bible and his insistence on it being the centre of Church life stimulated a change in theology and practice that is still felt today. As Phil Laver helps us look at the life of Martin Luther and his unique approach to scripture, we will hopefully be able to examine our own approach to the Bible and discover how God’s Word can be used to change us and our church communities today.