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Why does life appear so random and meaningless?

Why is wealth, wisdom and sex not enough?

Why do we feel there is something more?

Why is the world so unfair?

These are big questions, often left unanswered in the midst of a busy life. Do we have the answers we need when problems hit us and life takes a sharp turn in the wrong direction? Does the bible have the answers to these sorts of questions? How can the good news of Jesus help us face the chaos of a disordered world?

We are very excited to be welcoming Rev. David Robertson with us this year for Shetland Bible Week. Up until recently he has had a long ministry at St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, until accepting a new position in Australia. As he takes us through the book of Ecclesiastes, looking at some of life’s big questions, we hope and pray that God will use his skills and experience to make an impact on the Church in Shetland and on our lives.

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