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Saturday 8th September

at Lerwick Baptist Church

10am (for 10:30 start)

Followed by lunch

After the success of the seminars we had a couple of years ago we felt it would be a great opportunity to make use of the format again. Our Saturday morning seminars are a great way to have focussed teaching on topical issues facing the Church today. With both seminars we have running this year it is an opportunity to hear from a wise and experienced person, on a more personal level, and to respond at the end with a discussion time. Here are the two seminars we have on offer this year:


Seminar #1

The Persuasive Christian – Rev. David Robertson

In an increasingly apathetic and hostile world Christians need to be persuasive.  This seminar will look at how we can be persuasive Christians in such an age.  We don’ all need to be brilliant apologists or eccentric evangelists – but we do all need to be living epistles of Jesus, ready and willing to give an answer for the hope we have in us.

Seminar #2

The Storytelling Christian – Rev. Andrew Fox

‘oh it’s just a story…’ is a saying we may have heard used to dismiss the truth in a story. But as Jesus proved through his storytelling, stories are wonderfully powerful means of communicating. This Seminar will examine the value of story in the Bible and explore how it might be used in our own communication of God’s good news.